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Greetings !

My name is Alexei Dmitriev and I am a 3D modeler specialized in character creation for video games. Since a very long time I dream of working as an artist.
At first I was interested in traditional drawing, then I discovered computer graphics and fell in love with the power of digital tools.

I wanted to study in a school that could teach me to master the suite of software from Adobe.
At the end of my studies in the “Intitut Sainte-Marie” and my diploma in computer graphics in hand I wanted to develop furthermore my knowledge in Namur, in “École Supérieure D'infographie Albert-Jaquard”.
I discovered the 3D in my first year and that led me to choose the Video Game section as a next step, where I flourished.

Current Location: Brussels, Belgium

Mobile number: +32 476 30 24 16

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