Postapocalyptic Viking - Female [WIP]

Alexei dmitriev full detail clay
Details, details... I love the details.
Alexei dmitriev detail shots color
And some detail shots in color.
Alexei dmitriev posed wip 43 clayrender
A clay render with a better lighting.
Alexei dmitriev render materials comp
Posed and rendered just for the sake of it. I needed to see it with a decent lighting. The materials and colors aren't definitive, as is the rest of it...
Alexei dmitriev wip08
The sculpting is slowly getting there. Almost all the elements have a first sculpt pass. I also blocked some basic colors.
Alexei dmitriev wip06
Started sculpting the main folds, but obviously this isn't the last pass. I'll do an additional final destruction and wear pass once I've sculpted the main details everywhere.
Alexei dmitriev wip05
Had to stop working on this project for a while. But I'm back!
Alexei dmitriev body wip 04 6
Blocking of the clothes.
Alexei dmitriev body wip 01
First pass on the body. Still very early WIP.
Alexei dmitriev female face wip 03 5
Tweaked the face proportions and added some of the stuff around.
Alexei dmitriev female head wip 02
First pass on the face sculpt. First WIP.

So the concept that was selected this month for the Character challenge on Polycount is VERY appealing to me, and I will work my a** off to finish both female and male characters, even after the deadline.